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Please support Twin’s efforts to keep our valley beautiful by using our trash and recycling services.

Get to know our drivers (pics), recognize our trucks (logo reinforcement), and talk to our customer service reps (pics) to address your issues. Twin offers more recycling services than anyone else in the area. Support our recycling efforts by using our services and ask your neighbors to do the same.

Landfill Operations

Do you think Twin just digs a big hole and throws your trash in it? Well, that’s far from the truth. The process and cost of developing a landfill cell is extensive and heavily regulated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and local County Government.

Summary: The above process can take years to complete and Twin is continually working on new cell design, excavation, and construction to ensure your trash has an environmentally safe disposal site. Recycling is an integral part of landfill operations because it reduces the amount of trash that goes into the landfill. Twin is the leader in recycling in NW Colorado and has the first and only MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) in the area. You can learn more about our MRF HERE.

Waste Transportation

Twin not only collects your trash, we dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner at our landfill. Cut out the middle man and let Twin handle your trash from your wheel cart to disposal. We’re not just another trash hauler.
Twin offers weekly trash and recycling services in the City of Steamboat Springs for only $32 per month. Compare that to the price you’ve been paying! Twin operates automated side load trucks in the Steamboat market. These ASL’s are more efficient in operating trash routes and reduce the amount of vehicle emissions into the environment. If you live outside the City of Steamboat please call 970-879-6985 for pricing.

Got an ornery bear that won’t leave your trash alone? Twin offers bear resistant wheel carts at our cost! How many other trash haulers do that? Buy a bear proof container, protect our bears, and avoid costly City ordinances.

Do you need info about the City bear ordinance? Call our customer service reps for the straight scoop.