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Las Animas

Routt & Moffat County

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Phone: (970) 879-6985

EMERGENCY ONLY: (970) 756-2852

Fremont County

Cañon City | Pueblo | Colorado Springs

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Phone: (719) 372-6671
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Las Animas County

Trinidad & Southern Colorado

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Milner Mall Hours

Tuesday – Friday: 8am – 3pm
Saturday: 8am – noon


Lowering the impact of our landfill on our environment by providing a place for finding new and second hand items.

The Mall offers a variety of items from doors, windows, cabinets, tubs, sinks, toilets, wood, metal siding, flooring, granite, lighting, and tile, to  sporting equipment, household goods, artwork, tools, hardware and more.

We operate on generous donations from our community. Items that still have life left on them, but are no longer needed can be donated to the Mall.

Donation hours are the same as the Mall hours.


For those of you who have usable items in your dump load:

  1. Check in with Jill at the Mall BEFORE you check into the scale to dump your load
    and we will let you know what we can accept.
  2. Off load accepted items in the appropriate area. Please do not just leave items at the Mall.
  3. Check in at the scale to finish your dump run.

For those of you who want to donate specific items to the Mall:

  1. Send us images of your items and we can pre screen them: Facebook, Instagram  or
  2. We will let you know what can be accepted.
  3. Come by anytime during business hours to drop them off.

Accepted Items

Construction Materials

  • Lumber (6’ or longer, no nails, no paint, no screws)
  • new insulation
  • siding
  • hand tools
  • working hardware
  • working electric tools
  • new electrical items
  • plumbing items
  • lighting
  • new roofing materials
  • flooring
  • boxes of tile/stone
  • small/medium sized windows
  • doors
  • etc…


Home Goods

  • Cabinets
  • tables and chairs (no fabric)
  • full sets of kitchenware
  • lamps
  • sinks
  • toilets


Outdoor & Sporting Goods

  • Gardening tools/equipment (no oil/gas)
  • patio furniture
  • skis/boards (no bindings)
  • golf clubs
  • roof racks (individual parts ok)
  • bike wheels
  • fencing


Vintage Items

If you have questions about an item send us an message with photo of item and we can let you know before you come.