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Twin offers environmental remediation services through partnerships with hazardous materials subcontractors.  Twin features fast response times to contain, transport, and then dispose of transportation spills, tank leaks, and contaminated soils.

Disposing of special waste materials at Twin Enviro ensures that they will be properly contained at a facility with a good EPA record, and their harmful bi-products won’t wind up in our (or anyone else’s) air or water supply. Also, if we cannot accept a certain type of waste, we will provide information and resources on facilities that can (please, contact us for further details).

Our sister company, ACZ Laboratories, Inc., is a full service environmental testing lab that employs close to 60 personnel and performs monitoring well, surface water, drinking water, radchem, soil, sludge and biota testing for clients world wide. The relationship with ACZ allows Twin to expeditiously and skillfully collect and transport samples for compliance testing to profile and approve waste disposal.

Commercial Operations

Twin Enviro Services offers:

Commercial Dumpsters, 1 – 8 cubic yards; service from 1 to 6 times per week

Stationary Compactors; Vertical Compactors

Available Commercial Bear Proof Containers (extra charge)

Asbestos Hauling & Disposal

Twin Enviro provides Friable and Non-Friable Asbestos collection and disposal. We can provide roll-off containers at your site for an abatement project, including 40 cubic yard closed top containers, if needed. We also have “taco bags” and 6 mil plastic bags for properly wrapping asbestos for transport.

Twin’s relationships with several abatement (asbestos removal) firms allows us to arrange for removal, transportation and disposal of Asbestos Containing Materials from jobs large and small.

• Twin cannot remove asbestos for you – you must hire an abatement firm.
• When disposing of asbestos at Twin Enviro, you must provide a completed asbestos report with manifest [download Waste Profile Form here].

E&P and Special Waste

Twin can accept Special Waste at its Landfills (Disposal Sites). These include Asbestos, Petroleum Contaminated Soil, Exploration & Production (E&P) Solid and Liquid Waste, used and out of date products and food, inks, toilet, sand and grease trap waste, and many other Special Waste materials.

A Waste Profile Form or Liquid Waste Profile Form must be completed and submitted for approval in advance for Special Waste collection or delivery to one of our Sites. Lab testing may be required.

A Manifest proving the waste was accepted for disposal at a properly permitted facility will be given to the customer and acceptance and payment for disposal of the special waste.

Contaminated Soil – Twin Enviro can accept contaminated Soil that passes a paint filter test (a USEPA test to determine if the waste is a liquid or a solid). Soils exposed to crude oil (benzene), drilling mud (barium), or other contaminants, usually must be lab tested, should be profiled, and must always be approved in advance. The Waste Profile Form for solids or the Liquid Waste Profile Form for liquids can be downloaded from the “Forms” tab.

Liquid Waste

Liquid Waste –Twin can also dispose of non-hazardous liquid waste at its Disposal Sites near Steamboat Springs/Craig and Canon City. Liquids are mixed with ash, wood chips or other solidification media in a large double lined and monitored basin, and after it is a solid, the mix is transferred to the working face and covered.

Liquid Waste must be profiled, laboratory tested, and approved in advance so Twin can be assured it is not hazardous. Most of these liquids cannot be put in the sanitary sewer. Liquids can be transported in your truck or ours. Typical waste streams include sand traps, exploration and production muds and drilling fluids, petroleum contaminated liquids, industrial and wastewater treatment plant sludges, ink, liquid truck spills and cleanups, out of date product, septic tank and portable toilet waste, and the liquids removed from re-refining used oil.

Drill Cuttings – Cuttings can be accepted as an exempt special waste at all our facilities, usually as a liquid waste. This waste is to be profiled, lab tested (if necessary), and always approved in advance. Download and complete the Waste Profile Form and call the Disposal Site you plan to use for additional requirements.

24/7 Spill Response

Twin Enviro can respond to your spill or cleanup needs. We routinely work with “HazWoper” trained first responders based in Denver and Colorado Springs, and can call them in if needed. Because we operate our own disposal sites, and have rolloff equipment, vacuum trucks, submersible pumps and other cleanup equipment, we ask that you call the appropriate 24/7 cell phone numbers on the CONTACT page.

Past projects include train derailments, truck and fuel tanker crashes and spills, stationary and frac tank leaks and cleanups, and semi-trailer cargo spills.

Tank Cleaning

We are certified and experienced in CSE for Cleaning of Frack Tanks, Truck Tanks, Tanker Washouts and Above-Ground Storage Tanks, so that only trained personnel enter into and work on your equipment. We use ventilation equipment, air quality monitoring instruments, and a “hole man” for safe operations.

For Frack and other Tanks that are movable, we recommend they be brought to one of our sites. Twin’s tank washing is efficiently performed in a completely lined and fully contained basin so that the tanks’ contents and used washwater is not discharged into the environment. The used contents are carefully removed from the bottom of the basin and the sump, filtered, and disposed of in full compliance with liquid and/or solid waste regulations.

Twin has experience with other CSE projects including manholes, “pigging “ equipment, and the removal, solidification and disposal of liquids from cleanups and spills.

Lab Sampling & Analysis

Twin Enviro can dispatch trained personnel to collect laboratory samples at your facility, and then forward them to our sister company, ACZ Laboratories, Inc., in Steamboat Springs, Colorado or the lab of your choosing. We can easily obtain sample containers to accommodate your parameter list. Remember, samples can produce problematic results from improper sampling technique or handling, wrong container or preservative use, cross contamination, failure to properly store and protect the temperature or light sensitivity of a sample, or not arranging for quick sample delivery to the lab to comply with holding time requirements.

Twin is capable of sampling monitoring wells, soil, sludges, bio-solids, sandtraps,surface water, wastewater and other waste streams. It can arrange for shipment to the lab, with custody documentation, preservation, and the ability to meet holding times.

ACZ provides a full range of metal, radchem, and organic testing, with a Class 100 cleanroom, and nearly sixty employees trained to provide quality data, on time.

Twin also provides dispatch service for lab samples by prior arrangement in Routt, Fremont, El Paso, Pueblo, Moffat and Las Animas Counties.

Pig Cleaning & Hydrostatic Testing

This service is now available at our Moffat and Fremont County locations.

Pipeline pigs are devices placed inside a pipe that traverse the pipeline. They are used in hydrostatic testing and pipeline drying, internal cleaning, internal coating, liquid management, batching, and inspection. In hydrostatic testing, the pipeline is filled with water (or other test liquid), removing any trapped air.

The pig is inserted ahead of the fill point, and liquid is pumped in behind the pig to keep the pipe full and force air out. Pigs then remove the test liquid and are used to help dry the pipeline.

Mobile Safety Showers

Mobile Safety Showers are portable, trailer mounted, fully enclosed and conform to ANSI Spec Z358.1.T. These Emergency showers are Freeze Protected when connected to a power source or can be run by an included Generator.

This equipment is excellent for Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas. It is often used when Fracking Units are designed for dependability at remote sites. Rugged construction includes steel exterior and roof boughs and insulated walls and piping.

Features easy setup, and can be towed with a full 400 gallon tank of water. We train your crew in operation and care on a set schedule. Full maintenance is included in the rental price. Available by the day, week, or month.

Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets are available in all our market areas. We can service construction sites, special events, drilling sites and other applications. Toilets can be on the ground or trailer mounted. Handicap toilets and hand wash stations are also available.