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Yard Waste Cleanup Dos and Don’ts

Best Practices for Disposing of Yard Waste with Twin Enviro

Fall may feel like a fleeting concept in Routt County! By the time you notice the trees have turned yellow, most of the leaves have fallen to the ground, and snow is in the forecast. If you’re one of the lucky ones who was able to find a day or two to maintain your yard before the snow started falling, here are the best practices for disposing of your yard waste with Twin Enviro. You can leverage curbside pickup AND our organic composting facilities here at the Milner Mall to dispose of your yard waste in Routt County.

Sticks Must Be 18 Inches or Smaller

If you are a Twin Enviro residential customer, you are allowed to put sticks in your curbside trash bin. However, sticks must be broken down to 18 inches or smaller. “Sticks” include twigs, branches, dried grasses, and plant matter. Do not include pieces of tree trunks or rocks in your residential curbside trash bin and nothing longer than 18 inches please! These larger pieces of organic matter can pose a serious safety threat to the employees at our processing facility when garbage is dumped from the trucks.

Yard Waste

Everything Must Be IN Your Bin

Unlike certain municipalities, we need all of your garbage to be INSIDE your bin for collection. It is not possible for us to manually throw your oversized or excess items into the trash truck when we drive around on collection day. Our trucks operate by extending an automatic arm that grabs your trash bin, lifts it above the truck, and dumps the contents. All trash must be inside your bin to get collected on trash day. This includes bags of leaves, bundles of excess yard material, etc.

No Old Construction Materials

Please be mindful of that fact that your trash will be falling from your residential bin into our trash collection trucks. Your trash will engage in a second free fall when we pour out the contents of each trash truck at our landfill facility in Milner. This means items such as old construction materials, large pieces of organic matter, rocks, etc can pose a serious safety risk to our employees. We do, however, accept old construction materials for FREE at the Milner Mall!

Yard Waste

Leaves: Bag ‘em and Bin ‘em

We’re lucky here in Routt County that raking the leaves is usually more of a footnote to our yard work projects than an entire season of labor as in other parts of the country. Help us ensure that your leaves make it all the way to the landfill by bagging them AND putting the bags in your residential trash bin. Without a bag, your leaves will fly like a piñata out of the garbage truck as we drive back to Milner; straight back into someone else’s yard to get raked all over again. Please make sure you rake leaves into a garbage bag or yard waste bag and place said bags into your curbside trash bin.

Hoses and Irrigation Components are NOT Recyclable

You’ve raked your yard, cleaned up all of the dead leaves and plant matter. Now it’s time to get rid of those old hoses and leaky irrigation equipment. Please remember that these items do NOT belong in your curbside recycling bin. If you would like to give your irrigation components a second chance at life, please drop them off (for FREE) at the Milner Mall where we will store and resell them to another Routt County citizen. Otherwise, old hoses and irrigation parts belong in your residential TRASH bin.

Learn more about recycling dos and don’ts here!