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Yard Waste Composting

Twin Enviro Services is the Only Yard Waste Composting Provider in Routt County

Fall is the perfect time to do yard work! With the trees and plants getting ready for hibernation through the winter it’s the ideal season to trim trees and shrubs. This means there’s a lot of yard waste that is produced at this time of year. So what to do with your tree limbs and leaves? Take them to Twin Enviro Services and we’ll turn them into usable, natural compost! And then come spring you can get compost from us to enhance the soil in your garden!

What Can You Bring to Twin Enviro Services to Compost?

We accept yard waste, like tree limbs, wood debris, leaves, etc. Twin Enviro also take horse manure. We do not currently accept food waste for composting. If you would like to learn how to home compost your food waste visit the EPA website:

How Does It Work?

There are a lot of steps to make compost. The basic ingredients of yard waste composting are biosolids from the wastewater treatment plant, horse manure from ranches, and organic materials from landscapers and homeowners. The tree limbs, wood debris, leaves, etc. are ground up into small particles and then combined with the previously mentioned ingredients and microbes that break down the organic matter and produce heat. This mixture is turned into windrows and placed on a specialty lined service. Then the mixture must remain at roughly 131 degrees for at least 15 days (and turned 5 times) before it’s usable compost.

How Do I Know It’s Safe?

Since compost is used as a soil amendment it’s important that it’s safe. Twin Enviro Services sends samples of the finished compost to ACZ Laboratories for analysis to ensure the finished product is free of pesticides and harmful bacteria. This service is done at our expense, so that we can keep as much waste as possible out of the landfill. When all of the ingredients for compost end up in a landfill that waste has no benefit, but if we can provide compost to the community and help rebuild local soil, that’s a win win for everyone.

Can I Get Compost from Twin Enviro Services?

Yes! If you are a current trash collection customer you sure can! It’s always subject to availability, so at peak seasons (like spring and fall) it might not always be available. So be sure to call ahead and ask about compost (970) 879-6985. Learn more about our environmentally sustainable services here.